Sunday, April 01, 2007

Back to business

Our few days away from home went by in a flash. What we did was spend a couple of days visiting with my parents in Devon, with a stopover in Shakespeare country on the way back. We had great weather for the trip, but it felt rushed and crazy -- oh and I lost a filling on the way down (the usual holiday drama, in other words ;) -- but it was a good break.

Sometimes when I go away I wonder if it’s worth it, though. It has taken me the best part of two days to catch up on email replies and list mail, etc. I haven’t even got to the majority of the blogs I like to keep up with yet. It did do me good, getting away from the PC. I think :) I spent the first few days pining for it, and the last few wishing I never had to turn it on again. Hmm. Weird that.

One of the things I came back to was a surprise new review for ALONG FOR THE RIDE, my e-novel. This one has been out nearly two years so I wasn’t expecting new reviews, but the comments from Robin at My Book Cravings really made me smile and put me in the mood to write again.

ALONG FOR THE RIDE is quite literally an erotic thrill ride. As always, Saskia Walker sets the stage in paragraph one for a sensually intense romance. The ménage scenes are highly erotic and may melt your computer screen. These three characters, along with the supporting cast, will have you riveted to your seat, panting for the next step in their sensual journey of discovery. Cal and Jason are both extremely sexual men whose exuberant enjoyment of sex comes across with every scorching love scene. ALONG FOR THE RIDE is not a story for the faint of heart. There is a great deal of intensity in each and every scene that pulled me into the book completely. I could not wait to see what would happen next between these superbly written characters. I loved the sassy heroine and her two wonderful alpha males. This unique love story is one that I will read again; not only for the sheer enjoyment but to make sure that I haven’t missed a thing. Log on to Loose ID and purchase a copy of this jewel of a book today! You do not want to miss this one. 5 roses.

I love the image of the melting computer screen. :) Motivational stuff, much appreciated. Over the next three months I have 79,000 words of a novel to write, 18,000 words of a novella, and two short stories. I don’t even want to know how many words that works out at per day! It’s going to be busy. First up I’ll be working on the novel, my next contemporary erotic romance, RECKLESS. I’ll post an excerpt here soon.

I hope all is well with you guys. Have a great week!


Portia Da Costa said...

And she's right! AFTR is a *fabulous* book! I thoroughly enjoyed it... it's a delicious full blooded romp, and a great romance too.

Callie said...

Glad you are back and that all things are going well and refreshed for you.


Saskia Walker said...

Thanks, Wendy. Your feedback means a lot to me. I still love the characters, so it pleases me readers are enjoying them.

Hey, Callie. I hope things are good with you too!