Friday, December 15, 2006

Writing dilemmas

Alison Kent has a great blog post up at the moment about writing speeds and producing quality novels. This was particularly well timed reading for me, because I’ve just been taking reality checks from my lovely man, and my treasured CP. I'd found myself about to over commit for next year! Yikes!

I’ve always believed in quality over quantity, and it’s very important for me personally to make sure that each novel I write is rich, well researched and different to the last. Next year’s schedule is pretty well booked up, and yet I found myself unable to say no to an exciting proposition. Part of it, I guess, is that fear of not being asked again, and of appearing ungrateful. A few years ago when I was struggling to get published the concept of say “no” just wasn’t in my mentality! I can’t get past that, and I am very close to over committing and pushing myself too far. I know that if I do, everything will suffer, most importantly the writing.

I work for several publishers, and that complicates things for me. I am getting better at organising this though. For the first time recently I wouldn't allow myself to commit to a call for short stories. I used to write and submit to every one I saw. I will confess that I said no because I was physically unable to do the short. I was about to have an operation. But it was an important lesson for me. I can do it LOL I can say no. I need to be a bit more realistic about what I can get done -- and what I can get done well.

In other news, I heard from my editor at Berkley Heat, that Double Dare continues to be in the Barnes & Noble trade romance bestseller lists. I was totally amazed at this news, and very pleased indeed. Gobsmacked would be a good description (gobsmacked=speechless, for any US readers ;) Thanks to you lovely people who bought the book, and I hope you’re enjoying it!!!

Oh, and over at the Between the Covers blog, we’ve got a roundtable discussion today about the thing we like least about our personal writing process. Click on the banner to read more.


Portia Da Costa said...

Yeah, I read that post too, and found it very interesting and timely. I often wish I could write faster, and keep up with those prolific souls who are turning out multiple books per year... but it probably wouldn't work for me. I'd get panicked and stressed and probably end up letting someone down and getting a bad rep into the bargain. And I know there are some writers who can write at extraordinary speed, and write wonderfully [Nora Roberts being the prime example] but I think for less stellar writers, turning it out at breakneck speed has got to mean sacrifices in terms of depth and characterisation. At least it would for me...

Oh and it doesn't surprise me a bit that DD is riding high... it's a fabulous book!!!

Off to check your Berkley blog... sounds like fun.

Saskia Walker said...

I think three big projects a year would be a good target for me, because i want to do shorts too. Sometimes, like you say, i want to do more, make things move faster, but deep down i know what I can do well, and that's the important thing. I'm still learning, and this way of working is still relatively new to me.

Thanks for your kind words about DD! I'm stunned :D The roundtable was a sort of confessional LOL