Friday, December 15, 2006

Naughty Lady Christmas shopping?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be doing your Christmas shopping right about now. I’m never ready for Christmas in advance! I’ve been hunting down ideas and suggestions, so I thought I’d mention a few of the recommendations I have, with some links to Amazon COM (but most, if not all, available on Amazon UK)

First up, a book I loved reading myself and I’ve ordered for my Dad’s gift, because I know he’ll love it too. Murray Suid’s WORDS OF A FEATHER. This is a fun and educational book for anyone interested in words, language and etymology. With entertaining entries on the relationship between words such as “flatulence” and "inflation” it will give your pals some great dinner party discussion to dazzle and amuse companions with over the holiday season. I had a lot of fun with this book.

If you’re looking to buy a gift for an author of sexy stuff, one of the sub-genres that has really expanded this past couple of years is m/m erotica and romance. ZOWIE! IT'S YAOI! edited by Marilyn Jaye Lewis, is a twist on yaoi. The anthology features six stories of boy’s love written by western girls in novella form. I’m reading this collection now and it’s packed with good stuff, I recommend it without reserve. These stories are beautiful, hot and touching all at once.

Looking for naughty novels for your friends/lovers Christmas stockings? Just a few of the hot erotic novels I’ve read this year. ENTERTAINING MR STONE, by Portia Da Costa, gripping office shenanigans by the Queen of S and M. I've read it twice this year, loved it. STICKY FINGERS by Alison Tyler, wow, an erotic noir detective story. I couldn’t put this one down, it has a fascinating plot and kink with a capital “K” CIRCUS EXCITE by Nikki Magennis is not only a hot read, it’s also full of intriguing detail about this unique erotic circus setting. And if you want to get really debauched over the Christmas season, get a copy of Lisette Ashton's FORBIDDEN READING, a retelling of the Story of O that will have you (and/or your loved one) squirming in a very naughty way. (fans self just thinking about these steaming hot books)

If you’re looking for a book with a Christmas theme, I have to mention THE MERRY XXXMAS BOOK OF EROTICA, edited by Alison Tyler (even though I have a story in this one ;) I just adore this anthology. How can you not love that sexy yet sophisticated cover?

Exotic undies for luscious ladies? A fun underwear website I love to shop with is Hips and Curves. This is a US company, but they do ship overseas fast and reliably, (I have a gorgeous PVC corset from them, and a Chinese satin bustier.) Time might be a tad too short for UK buyers to receive before Christmas, but I’m mentioning them for stateside buyers who have the big boobies etc, like moi. :o) They do everything from basic undies to dress up gear and… poles. Yup, you can get your very own lap-dancing pole HERE folks. How’s that for an unusual, erotic gift?

Tempted? Well why not put it together with STRIPTEASE FOR REAL WOMEN, a DVD? Or if that's a pole too far, try THE ART OF EXOTIC DANCING FOR EVERYDAY WOMEN – CHAIR MOVES, a video that I put my very own personal stamp of approval on.

Have a fun and sexy Christmas, folks!

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Bailey Stewart said...

Thanks for the suggestions - I'm going to look into a couple of those.