Monday, April 03, 2006


Great news, RED HOT EROTICA is shipping early. This anthology is edited by the lovely Alison Tyler and includes my new short story "It's Just not Cricket." I wasn't expecting this book to come out for another few weeks, so it's a lovely suprise.

I adore the Cleis Press book covers, and this one is very special indeed. Mmmpurrrr! Just look at the hands -- that part of the image would make a good cover all by itself...

I should probably mention that "It's Just Not Cricket" is my most eccentric naughty story to date. (teehee) I love it to bits and it makes me chuckle just thinking about it. If you pick the book up, I hope you enjoy it too.

These explicit, playful tales range from the sweetly sensual to the candidly carnal. Bill Noble’s poetic “Stardrift” finds a beach runner drawn into an unexpected moonlight ménage. Saskia Walker’s “It’s Just Not Cricket” stars fearless bondage queen Ella, whose hobby of tying up “languid aristocratic types” is challenged by a randy noble who turns her into a human croquet game. Marilyn Jaye Lewis’s piquant “That Summer by Our Pool” is a provocative tour of a woman’s sexual history that exposes old wounds and new lust with a rekindled old flame.

Available from Amazon and Amazon UK.


Jordan Summers said...

Hot, Hot, Hot cover. Congrats! :)

ZaZa said...

Ooh, great cover. And I love that story. It was so much fun.

Saskia Walker said...

Thanks, Jordan!

Zaz ~ I was so glad you thought so. I was thinking maybe it was a bit too mad when I was writing it LOL Thank you!