Sunday, April 02, 2006


It has not been a tranquil week here at home in shady lane! The house adjoining ours is under renovation. For the last ten days or so there has been constant noise and vibration, with teams of builders, electricians, plumbers, and various assorted workmen making a massive racket. My poor scaredy cat, BC, has been living in fear, barely coming out from underneath the dining-room table. She seems to think the whole world is falling down around our ears, and even when it is quiet in the evening she sits under the coffee table peeping out at us, rather than sprawling on the chairs.

I have mostly been writing in the evenings as a result, so both my schedule and my blog have suffered, (although I did resort to ear plugs to complete edits one day!) and my nerves are somewhat frazzled. Noise has never bothered me and I work with all sorts of loud music and interruptions, but something about sudden hammer strikes, pneumatic drills, concrete slabs being thrown around, fireplaces being chiselled out, baths sliding down stairs – you get the picture - it’s the kind of noise barrage you can’t exactly ignore or drown out. The Man of the House has pointed out that it’s better all being done in a short intensive period by relay teams than over a year by a hobbyist, and he’s probably right, but it would have to be when I’m under a deadline crunch, wouldn’t it.

In other, more pleasant news, :-) I am busy putting together an author’s basket to send over for the Romantic Times Convention raffle, which will be raising funds for the Pediatric Aid foundation and the SOS. Yesterday we escaped the noise and went shopping in the city, and I picked up all sorts of goodies that are fun, and fairly light to post. So far, I’ve got treats for the bathroom, a cuddly toy, a couple of books of course, (SECRETS 15 and SEDUCTIONS,) bookmarks and a lovely gift bag. The selection may change to make posting viable. I’d love to be at the Romantic Times convention myself so it’s nice to be able to have a small presence there. I just hope whoever wins the basket enjoys the stuff. I am also including a voucher for a signed copy of DOUBLE DARE when it is published in October, so let's hope whoever wins enjoys steam! LOL.


Jordan Summers said...

Hang in there. Construction can really suck, especially since they seem to start so dang early.

Saskia Walker said...

Thanks Jordan! Yes, the hours they keep are positively rude! ;-)

ZaZa said...

Hello. I'm catching up on my reading. Finally found where I left off. You have such a professional blog and such a lovely conversational voice. It's a pleasure to have a bit to read.