Friday, April 07, 2006

Catching up with the world

It has been a funny old week here at home on shady lane. I’m on a deadline crunch, my first really big one. Yikes, it’s kind of scary. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now, though, and I still love my characters and their mad story(even though they put me through hell a few times these last two weeks ;-) It has to be gone next week, so wish me luck for the countdown. In other news, the Man of the House is down with the lurgi. He's off work and in bed. This doesn’t happen often. I’ve been fighting it off too and slept away half of yesterday in an effort to clear my head for work. Luckily the renovations next door had got to the post-plastering stage and silence reigned. The way I was feeling I think I could have slept through anything.

In net news, the lovely Alison Tyler has joined the blogging world! Alison writes and edits for several publishers, so I’m sure this will be a great way to keep up with her latest news from all over. She’s also got a web site in the pipeline.

We tuned into the James Whale show last night to listen to Ashley Lister talking about his new non-fiction book on the British swinging scene. Ashley writes erotic novels for Virgin's Nexus line and he is a reviewer for ERWA. For anyone who doesn’t know, James Whale is a very naughty, fast-talking bad boy who puts his guests through the wringer. I know, I’ve been there myself. Luckily I had Kerri Sharp holding my hand, but, nevertheless… James taunted our Ashley who stood up to him fair and proper. Good on you, Ash! Apparently, Ash was wearing a fetching sequined shirt, a sight I’d love to see. You can find Ashley’s new book here.

Oh, and here's the latest news article on erotica/erotic romance. This one has a slightly more informed approach in terms of history (yes, erotica did exist before last year, shock horror!) but some rather huge bloopers nonetheless. Sigh. As well as saying Red Sage started online (Red sage has been doing print Erotic Romance since 1995!) it completely ignores Black Lace and the impact that line had on women's fiction. You’d think they’d get someone who knew what they were talking about to write these articles, wouldn’t you?

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ZaZa said...

"You’d think they’d get someone who knew what they were talking about to write these articles, wouldn’t you?"

That would take all the fun out of it. ;+)