Monday, December 19, 2005

New Model Army and SECRETS volume 15

No, it didn't really take me this long to recover ;-) Writing was going well yesterday so I kept at it.

The New Model Army gig was superb. They played for two hours to a packed house, a mixture of songs from the new album (Carnival) and from across the years, with Yorkshire favourites Poison Street, Green and Grey, and Purity getting huge singalongs. For the next two weeks the songs will be in my head ~ stereo or not.

Because I was doing this blog, I thought about the fact that I’ve never actually been to a New Model Army gig where they gave less than a terrific performance. I had a little ponder about it. I think it's actually because they are a very grounded band. They play with honesty and energy. They love playing live; they love interacting with the audience. They have neither affectations nor pretences; they just basically love music and the vibe that comes off a crowd who love it too. It’s difficult to get it wrong with that kind of approach…

A great night was had by all, although I nearly froze to death getting home. It’s COLD in Yorkshire! They warned us we were about to have a really cold winter, and it certainly is.

In other news, now that SECRETS volume 15 is out and about across the globe, the reviews are coming in thick and fast. Here is one of my favourite comments about my novella, FALLING FOR TROUBLE, from Fallen Angel reviews:

This was a refreshing story. Being written by an Englishwoman and taking place in Europe, this story had an entirely different feel than the others in this anthology. Oliver was great, a Pierce Brosnan kind of agent, yummy to the nth degree. Sonia really rolled with the punches throughout the story. I was impressed with how well she dealt with a truly crazy situation. This was a very well written story and I will look for more by this author.

Click here for the full review.

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wendywoo said...

Glad you enjoyed the gig! I guessed you would... :) Look forward to hearing some NMA soon!

And what a smashing review! Well done you!