Saturday, December 17, 2005

New Model Army - live music

Very quick post, we’re off to a gig soon – alternative rockers, New Model Army. I've grown up/old with these guys, and their music plays a big part in my life. They inspire a die hard fan base and tonight promises to be very special, the last gig in the 25th anniversary tour! One of the best live gigs I was ever at was their 20th anniversary gig, where we stood still and in silence, 2,000 of us ~ shoulder to shoulder, chest to back ~ through the first track. Then the guitars started and we let rip, the crowd moved as one and many times my feet weren’t touching the floor. Woohoo!

Will be meeting up with friends too, so it promises to be fun. When I recover, I’ll post ;-) Meanwhile, have some lovely lyrics from one of my favourites...

(Sullivan/Heaton) 1995

To the Queen of my Heart, from the King of Nowhere
I have watched you arming, and how you wave your sword in the air;
always fighting the shadows as they move behind you,
and the beating wings that hover around you . . .
To the queen of my heart, from the king of nowhere
It's a shallow sky that holds us in; you can reach right out
and touch the edge with just one outstretched hand and feel
the dark come closing in.
And there's nowhere far enough away from here;
the ringing ears and the closing air, and the cities and deserts all beat the same;
the radio waves crackle and phase, the satellites spinning slowly round.
The radar towers search and call
to the Queen of my Heart, from the King of Nowhere . . .
This is the great world calling to the last crusader;
In the rush of the lifeblood coming out of the sunrise . . .
And you're the Queen of my Heart . . . and I'm the King of Nowhere.

Published by Attack Attack Music/Warner Chappell Music Ltd


Karen Mojo said...

If u like New Model Army you will like a new Alternative Band The Cinematics. check them out
Love reading your Blog and I need a Shirt like that for my Husband!!

wendywoo said...

Ashamed to say I'm not familiar with the music of New Model Army, although I have heard of them. But then, my taste in music is very peculiar indeed... A fact that is causing problems for me at the moment, whilst attempting to write a music themed story... The only thing I can seem to 'hear' while I'm writing is the sound of my own gnashing teeth!

Any road up, enjoy the gig! Do they have a 'best of' album I could get hold of?

ZaZa said...

Oooh, those lyrics are beautiful. Be sure to tell us how it went.

Saskia Walker said...

Karen ~ thanks for calling by! Everyone loves the shirt, I've had several queries by email, I should be on comission! It's an ebay bargain and it comes from a distant land, so I'll let you all know if it arrives ;-) And thanks for the recommendation, I'll check them out!

Wendy ~ I'll lend you some NMA when we meet up next week, so you can have a listen first.

Zaz - coming soon ;-)