Tuesday, December 20, 2005

From New York to old York

My new editor at Berkley ~ Kate Seaver ~ said she might be editing DOUBLE DARE this week. Exciting stuff! Working with a new editor is a bit like travelling into a new land. It has all the excitement of unknown possibilities, edged with nervousness about what to expect and the underlying fear of making a complete twit of oneself...

I’m trying to sense the vibes coming across the pond from New York, to gauge her reactions ;-) I already know she likes the book; she’s read the whole MS and said she loved it, (phew!!!) so this next part is about me perfecting it, as well as learning and growing as a writer. I honestly enjoy the challenge of responding to edits, ever since my first editing experience ~ which was at the hands of British fantasy writer, Storm Constantine ~ and it’s rare that I’ve had a negative experience. Being edited is like a team effort; the book/story becomes a shared project. The editor wants our work to shine. They have that wider perspective that enables them to pinpoint what we have missed and help us towards a stronger book. Yes, I am excited to be working with Kate!

I won't be blogging again for a couple of days. We’re off the beautiful city of York tomorrow. It’s always a lovely spot to visit, but at this time of year, with the Christmas lights, it will be magical. This trip is to celebrate and remember my signing with Berkley. There will be pampering, shopping, fun, dining out and raising of liquid cheer. Woohoo! See you all on Friday!


Sasha said...

It'll be good. I knwo I'm anxious about mine too. :)

wendywoo said...

Have a brilliant time in York and a wild, mad, champagne celebration of your marvellous sale to Berkley! You deserve it!

Then you can have a second wild, mad celebration next week with me... no champers, but at least we can go nuts with the caffeine!



ZaZa said...

Late, as usual. You're probably about ready to get up for brekkie after your first night in York. But wishing you and M a wonderful time. So glad you're getting such a quick edit. Very exciting!

Saskia Walker said...

Thanks guys! :-)