Friday, December 23, 2005

Orgasmic York

Forgot the camera, but had a lovely time! York is one of the prettiest cities in England, and with all the Christmas lights and festive cheer along the cobbled streets, it was doubly so. The buskers and performance artists were joined by carol singers, and we even saw a Caribbean steel drummer in a Santa outfit!

Whenever we visit one of our nearby cities, we stop by Borders and Waterstones book shops to visit the romance and erotic book sections. It's always special for me seeing the anthologies I’m in, and the many novels by my author friends. Borders in York is huge! This was the first time I’d visited the shelves since DOUBLE DARE, my first single title book, was taken by Berkley HEAT. I had a rush of mixed emotions, excitement and a little teary too, knowing that my dream of being on those shelves with a single title book of my own would come true late next year.

We didn’t do too much shopping ~ I'm still recovering from flu ~ but couldn’t resist the books. This time around I picked up Alison Tyler’s STICKY FINGERS, which has been on my TBR list for ages. Looking forward to getting 'stuck' in soon. I also got my wall planner for next year, so I’m all ready to start blocking off time for my next projects. Exciting! We had a delicious celebratory meal and then visited one of York’s most well known real ale pubs, The Maltings ~ highly recommended! On the way home the next morning the sky was clear and blue, and the weather crisp. It’s only 30 miles or so but it’s a lovely stretch of countryside. From the train we saw a pheasant running across the fields when our train slowed outside the village of Micklefield.

Ooh, I’d better explain the subject line… or I could leave you guessing… hehehe. ;-) Our hotel was on the riverbank and the view from our window across the River Ouse was of the CafĂ© Orgasmic. Much amusement was had, when we caught sight of it.


ZaZa said...

And you didn't give it a go? You, a writer of erotica? :G:

Saskia Walker said...

We'd already found a much sexier menu ;;-)