Monday, April 03, 2017

I'm coming out..

Fessing up here... I’ve written a book under another name, a sensual historic romance set in Victorian times. Not like my other work, no historical pagansex witchcraft in this one, and generally not as erotic as my other titles, more sensual, so I decided to publish it as Juliette Cosway.  

I was chatting with a fellow author buddy who writes under different names too and she links to her other names, so I decided to “come out” :) I have several other Juliette Cosway books at various stages of completion, but at the moment Saskia’s work takes priority so there won’t be more JC books for the foreseeable.

So if you’ve enjoyed my Taskill Witches series or my historical fantasy books, you might be interested in taking a look at CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. The gorgeous cover was designed by multi-talented Kim Killion. You can find an excerpt on my website, click here to find it

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