Monday, April 03, 2017

Casanova - be the flame not the moth

So it's a couple of weeks since we got to see Casanova performed by Northern Ballet and I have to confess I'm still basking in the…sigh…afterglow… and yes, afterglow is an appropriate term! Believe me, this is an incredibly sexy, sensual performance, an absolute feast for the eyes and ears and mind and soul.
We've been to see Northern Ballet perform many times and this was an interesting one because they're known for their narrative ballet but this was different. Offered as a series of vignettes, it was a dip into various aspects of Casanova’s life. It was an interesting comparison and it more than lived up to our high expectations!
Everything about it -- from the choreography to the writing, music, costumes, and most of all the talented dancers and their physical storytelling – is simply mesmerising. As a writer I always come home feeling as if I’ve learnt so much from ballet – how much the dancers can tell us without saying a word. So very clever. It’s truly an education as well as a sublimely beautiful experience.
If you're anywhere in the UK where you can get to one of the performances, it runs throughout April and into the first two weeks of May. You really must treat yourself and go because it's an experience you'll never forget. I’ve posted one of my favourite photos from the performance and also one of the more recent advertisements with different footage.

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