Monday, July 01, 2013

Reprint news and a FREE download: SEX, LIES AND BONDAGE TAPE

Hey folks! Happy Monday :) 

Today I'm launching a new kindle book with a five day freebie. SEX, LIES AND BONDAGE TAPE  is a backlist title of mine. It originally appeared in the KINK anthology alongside a novella by my talented writing pal Sasha White

The contract has now ended which means I can get this novella to readers myself. It has a gorgeous new cover designed by Frauke Spanuth at Croco Designs and to launch it with a bang it's free on Kindle for the first five days. If you haven't already read it in KINK, grab it while you can! Here are the details:

Fitness instructor Kelly Burton is a woman on a mission, and this time it's sneaking backstage at a rock concert to get super star Clayton Warren's autograph for her friend. What she doesn't factor in is becoming privy to a big media secret, nor being captured by a sexy security guy who sends her pulse racing.
Backstage security man Tommy Samson's specialty is sending rogue groupies on their way with a playful spank and a threat, but this woman is responding to his behavior in an entirely different way and very soon they're locked in hands-on-combat of an intimate kind, kicking off a sequence of crazy sex games back and forth across London.
When Kelly wants to track Tommy down, she has to resort to being a 'groupie' all over again, shanghaiing Clayton Warren and doing a deal over his big media secret to get hold of Tommy's contact details. Kelly is a stubborn, independent woman who plays the men at their own games, but it only makes Tommy want more, and what Tommy wants…Tommy goes after.
Erotic romance novella. Word count: c.36,000
Please note: This title includes explicit m/f sexuality, BDSM and some m/m interaction. This novella originally appeared in the KINK anthology.

"Well, words practically escape me. SEX, LIES, AND BONDAGE TAPE is positively sizzling. Two hot bodies and some bondage tape certainly set an erotic tone that starts from the first page and doesn't let up. Tommy and Kelly are both type-A people who go after what they want and, in this case, what they want is each other. Woe to anyone who stands in their way!" Romance Reviews Today
"The story sizzles from the minute the heroine meets the hero. The love scenes are intense, passionate and well crafted. I found I enjoyed the cat and mouse game between the lead characters, and the way Kelly finally got her man was inspired." Romance Divas.
 "Ms. Walker is undoubtedly one of the queens of erotic romance. She writes steamy, sensual scenes with enough passion and uniqueness to scorch the pages. From the very first page, the story captivates, bringing readers fully into the rock concert setting and imbuing the atmosphere with that same level of sensual energy that lasts until the very end." Romance Junkies.

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I hope you enjoy this story, one of my zaniest, fun bits of raunch ever! :) If you do enjoy the novella please consider leaving a rating or review at Amazon or Good Reads. 

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