Sunday, June 30, 2013

Availability of my Taskill Witches books in the UK - result!

I posted recently about the availability of print versions of THE LIBERTINE and THE JEZEBEL in the UK. Good news! UK readers who picked up THE HARLOT in print and want to read on in the series can now purchase the next two books on import via Amazon.

If you've been waiting for this, sorry it's taken so long! It took some doing. N,ow these books are more costly then the UK edition of the first book, so a brief reminder that if you've got a Kindle you can buy the books much cheaper, and you can also read Kindles on your desktop even if you don't own a reader.

So far, one UK critic sourced by the publisher has reviewed THE JEZEBEL and it really wasn't her cup of tea at all. Oops ;o) So if you've read the book and enjoyed it please consider leaving a note for other readers at Amazon or Good Reads.

Here are the print links. 


Call back tomorrow for news of a new FREE download! :)

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