Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Walk on the Wild Side with Portia Da Costa

The ever prolific Portia da Costa has a new Walk on the Wild Side Release for readers, a title called IN SEBASTIAN'S HANDS. This one is a mini anthology comprising three BDSM stories about the same couple. Each story is a snapshot of Sebastian and Megan, at a different stage in their relationship.

In LIFE, THE UNIVERSE AND SEBASTIAN, they meet at a fancy dress party, and it isn't long before Megan discovers her handsome new friend's sexual peccadilloes... and the fact that she seems to enjoy being spanked!

In IT'S TIME, the couple have been together a while, and are confident in each other and the erotic games they love to play. One evening, it dawns on them they're ready to take their relationship to a brand new level.

In THE ROSES IN YOUR CHEEKS, we find that Megan and Sebastian are a happily married couple, but that doesn't mean they've settled down to a life of vanilla sex. During a weekend at a posh country inn, they're up to their usual naughty BDSM tricks.

Approximately 12,000 words.

You can find an excerpt and buy links here.

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