Monday, February 13, 2012


In the immortal words of Monty Python... and now for something completely different...

Well, kind of. :) I've gathered together four of my more unusual short stories in a little e-anthology. These are all previously published in various journals and anthologies, but it's the first time they've been brought together like this. If you are interested in fantasy erotica -- myth, adult fairy tales, erotic steampunk and gothic horror, this might be your cup of tea. :) If you are thinking of downloading it, please do check you haven't already read these elsewhere.

Right, on to the detals...

Four tales of love, lust, and destiny, set in fantasy worlds.

Heart of the Daedalus:
Nina Ashford stalks the Romney Marshes to find the whereabouts of The Dadealus, a machine she designed. In this steampunk erotic romance Nina finds her machine and she also finds the man who stole her designs, Dominic Bartleby, who has lured here there to offer her a deal.

The Tender Trap:
A dark and sensual green man tale. The young maiden, Tara, sleepwalks at night, following destiny's call to the subterranean life force that beckons to her from the graveyard beyond the woods.

The True Folly of Icarus:
Why did Icarus fly to close to the sun? In this erotic re-imagining of Icarus's fatal flight, a steamy ménage a trois with two nymphs in the forest plays a crucial part in the tale of Icarus and his flight.

Where The Heart Is:
Rhiannon finds herself irresistibly drawn to the moor in this gothic horror erotic romance. Haunted by dreams of a strange man who lives on the moor, Rhiannon walks the land, studying its legends and history. When she is injured and stranded, a strange creature comes to her in the night. Rhiannon finds herself torn between fear and arousal--and discovers the true nature of her dark connection to the moor.

Around 16,000 words in total. Please note: this collection features content that may offend some readers, including explicit adult scenes with graphic m/f and f/m/f sex and some bloodlust. These stories were previously published in Steamlust, Visionary Tongue, Seducing The Myth and Dream Lover, respectively.
Available from:
All Romance Ebooks
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Coming to other online ebook retailers soon.

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Happy reading! :)

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