Monday, February 27, 2012

Publication day: FAYE'S SPIRIT (Erogenous Zones 3) is now available!

Hi folks. We're about to shoot off for a short break in Edinburgh, part for research, part fun. I'll be tweeting while I'm away and hope to share some photos too. Meanwhile, it's publication day for FAYE'S SPIRIT.

Faye's story is the third and final instalment in the Erogenous Zones series, and it's out in ebook format from Total-E-Bound today. Here's the cover copy and an excerpt:

One outrageous weekend with two men, that's what Faye Evans dreams of, but when she meets Jai and Garth—and their live in ghost—she gets much more than she bargained for.

Faye Evans is a woman on a mission. Both her older sisters have had ménage à trois relationships and now Faye too harbours a desire to sample the pleasures of two men, if only for a single wild weekend. The opportunity arises when architect Garth Connor calls her in to investigate the ghostly presence in his business premises. Both Garth and his business partner, Jai Nilson, are gorgeous hunks, and Faye can't help being attracted to them.

Garth and Jai are friends and colleagues but their relationship is competitive. When the mischievous ghost medium walks into their life and shows interests in them both, the edge between them sharpens. While Jai often walks on the wild side, Garth has never shared a woman before, but his desire for Faye makes him rise to the challenge. Especially when Jai quickly picks up on Faye's secret wishes and pushes things along, orchestrating their interactions until the simmering eroticism between them demands hardcore action.

But Faye's fling isn't as straightforward as she'd anticipated. She soon worries that she's endangered Garth and Jai's friendship by getting involved, and even more so when the shadow of a secret, long held grudge between the two men falls over their threesome and their growing affection. To top it all, dealing with the resident ghost only adds to the emotional entanglement, making Faye feel she wants to end it and run. But are Garth and Jai about to let her get away?

Available now from Total-E-Bound, coming later from other e-retailers and in print.


Did her psychic powers run to reading minds, Jai wondered, or was she just attuned to the erotic suggestion between them? It wasn't something he'd considered. This was one sexy lady.

It was time to edge things forward.

"I'm curious. You thought we were partners in a relationship. Did you really think we were gay?"

"Yes, I'm curious about that as well," Garth said, "do we really look like a gay couple to you?"

Faye's mouth twitched at one corner. "Actually, I didn't think you were gay. More like bisexual." She lifted her glass and sipped from it again, eyeing them over the edge as she did so.

Jai knew an aroused woman when he saw one, and she was enjoying this. "Go on."

She shrugged, and her eyelids lowered as she focused on her glass in the table. Still the smile hovered around her mouth.

"Tell us why you thought that," Jai encouraged. "More to the point, tell us why that interested you so much."

Her eyelids flashed up and she stared across at him, her lips parted as she addressed the undertone in his questioning.

She was about to spill. He was sure he was on the right path and he had this hunch about what was going on in her mind.

"You're a forthright woman," he added. "You told Garth here he hadn't done his research on this place." Jai nodded his head in Garth's direction.

She chuckled softly, and he noticed her breathing pattern had altered, because her chest rose and fell rapidly. The rise of her breasts beneath her silky dress caught his attention. In her cleavage, the skin shone in the light from the overhead spots.

"Oh, it's just because I know someone who is involved with two men." She looked across at them for their response.

Jai's interest was already piqued, and now it was growing.

"What, you mean they have someone on the side?" Garth asked.

Sometimes his old friend could be slow on the pickup. Jai blamed that on Garth's strict upbringing. It left him bewilderingly innocent of the kinky goings on in the world. He fiddled with his wine glass, wanting to edge it on, but knowing Garth needed to grow into this comfortably if it was going to move forward at all. "My guess is Faye means her friend has two men at the same time, am I correct?"

Her pupils had dilated. She nodded.

"Tell us more, I'm fascinated." The fact she was interested in it and had deliberately mentioned it turned him on. He enjoyed women who were open about their needs and desires when it came to bedroom matters. Of course Garth might not be able to handle it this time either, if she actually said it aloud, but that was a risk he was going to have to take to find out more juicy details.

She took a deep breath, but then faltered and seemed to freeze before she spoke. She glanced left, past them, into the darkness of the hallway beyond the kitchen.

That's when Jai felt it, exactly what he'd felt on several occasions before. The atmosphere changed, tightened somehow, as if an external force shot tension through the air. He felt a presence at his back and the smell of that cheap perfume. Their resident ghost was somewhere in the vicinity.

Faye looked back at them. "Keep talking to me," she said beneath her breath. "Don't stop."

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