Tuesday, June 07, 2011

In the erotica spotlight at RT Book Reviews magazine

I'm in the erotica spotlight at RT Book Reviews magazine online at the moment, chatting about THE HARLOT, with an article about writing the central characters, plus an excerpt.
Go here to check it out, or go directly to my article or excerpt.

Also in the news here today is this awesome review for HOLLY'S INTUITION (Book 2 in the Erogenous Zones series) from Silla Beaumont at Just Erotic Romance Reviews. Check out what Silla had to say!

Reviewer: Silla Beaumont
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat Level: O

Holly's Intuition is the second delectable book in Saskia Walker's Erogenous Zones series, and while book one, Monica's Secret was good, Holly's Intuition is truly exquisite. Stewart’s character is especially well done, and Walker does an amazing job with his "chill" attitude toward his sexuality as well as his desire to help his lover come to terms with his own. The intense conversations between the men made me feel like a sensual voyeur, and I felt like it was a privilege to be privy to their intimate conversations. And the sex...WHEW! Between the two men together and the three of them feeling their way in and out of the bedroom, Holly's Intuition was sweet and sexy from beginning to end! Stewart’s seductively dominant nature made the scenes especially erotic, and when the three of them get it on, I was sure that my Nook was going to catch on fire! Honestly, this is one of the hottest books I've read, and a large part of that is the voyeuristic vibe that Ms. Walker is able to produce in this book. I'm looking forward to reading her third book in the Erogenous Zones series about the youngest Evans sister, Faye.

Ooh, and HOLLY'S INTUITION is also coming out in print very soon, next week in fact. :) If you'd like to read an excerpt, you'll find one here.

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