Monday, May 10, 2010

Dawn of another week

Hi folks, it’s the start of another week and they seem to fly by. I’m currently deep in writing for THE HARLOT, I have edits due for SORCERESS, and a galley to proof for a friend.

I've reached the half way point with THE HARLOT. Wahay! The goal is 100K but I need to aim for 95K because I always go over at the end. (Um, if that makes sense ;) I love the way this one is coming together. It’s slow writing, but the characters are unwillingly unfolding their secrets at the mo and it has to be done just right.

As you may have noticed I’ve gradually been updating the blog here. I’ve still got a bunch of stuff to tweak and some links to reinstate in the bookshelf/reviews. I managed to lose them in the transition, duh, but I’m slowly getting there. The blog was black and purple for ages to match a previous web site design. It’s morphing to fit with the current design, and the plan was three columns with the centre column being reversed to black on white for contrast. I just need to get those links back in and twiddle the middle section color scheme. Hopefully I’ll get to it this week.

Here in Yorkshire winter has darted back to keep us guessing. Boo hiss. I'm hoping it picks up soon. We have a short break in Chester and North Wales very soon, and a trip to the Lake District in June. We really could do with some sunshine. Please. Anybody listening up there? I should of course simply be grateful we’re not shrouded in volcanic ash at the mo! ;)

Have a great week!

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