Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Brief update (away from desk)

Hey folks, I'll be away from the desk for the rest of this week on family business. I should be back posting here at the weekend.

I thought this would be a good point in time to pause and look at where I've got to with the work in progress—The Harlot, my 2nd Spice novel (due out in July 2011.) I’m at around 25% done. I’d hoped to be a good third by now, but a nasty virus tripped up my progress late in January (and then there was that short story that simply had to be written ;-) Nevertheless, I’m excited about what I’ve got so far, and I’ve got enough elbow room in my schedule. My goal is to complete by mid April, ready to sub at the start of May.

I’ll be editing what I’ve got while I’m on my travels and ready to press on next week. I totally love the way this story is turning out, really adore it! My heroine, Jessie, is the most liberated woman I've written to date, and she really fascinates me. I’ll try to post a taster from her story here soon.

Ooh, don’t forget to check the post 2 below this one to see if you are a winner in my NAUGHTY BITS giveaway and if you are please email me with your address. Books will be in the post by early next week.

Have a great week!

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