Monday, November 23, 2009

New publication: INESCAPABLE is published today!

A new contemporary erotic suspense novel, INESCAPABLE, is now available from Total-E-Bound!

This is my first novel-length publication in a year and a half, and I'm very excited about it being available for readers who've enjoyed my previous contemporaries. I loved writing this story. It absolutely had to be written (no matter how many barriers were put up along the way ;-) and the characters will stay with me for a long time. My editor said this was her favourite of my books and it has a special place in her heart. That makes me very hopeful readers will enjoy it too!

This story opens in London but the majority of it is set in Conwy, a beautiful part of the country on the north coast of Wales (one of my favourite places!) Here's a brief outline of the story:

When Lily Howard agrees to meet the man she is having a powerfully erotic online affair with, she subsequently walks into a crime scene. Police officer Seth Jones takes her into witness protection together with her online lover, Adrian Walsh, a man with crucial evidence for a court case.

Deep in the heart of the Welsh countryside and locked up in a secluded hideaway with these two men - one alpha dominant policeman, and a wry, sensitive accountant who knows her every secret erotic desire - Lily soon becomes embroiled in a threeway affair that surpasses her every fantasy. Lily is wildly empowered by living her innermost desires in the safety of the hideaway. Adrian is the key that unlocks her sexuality, and Seth is the master who sets them both free.

As danger stalks ever closer and the three lovers are torn apart, they each find that deep emotional bonds have also been forged. Can Lily ever forget what they shared? Does she even want to?

And here's an excerpt:

Seth had pinned her on the sofa, sitting against her hip and locking her in place, and now he was leaning over her and looking at her with those suggestive eyes, kissing her until she was desperate with need.

I want you, she thought. Heaven help me, I want you both. She pressed back into the cushions, desire and self-awareness washing over her in equal measures.

Seth touched her mouth with one finger, outlining it. “I’m going to explore you some more now, and unless you say otherwise, Adrian is going to watch exactly what I’m doing.”

Lily gripped Seth’s shoulders with her hands, unable to look away from him.

“Watching is the least you can offer, seeing as you’re stealing my date here.” Adrian laughed softly, a self-deprecating tone to his comment.

“Stealing? And there was me thinking we were sharing.” Seth smiled, a weighty message in his voice and his expression. “Your call, Lily,” he added, and his expression softened for a moment. He’d made his deal with Adrian, but he still wanted her okay on it.

Lily couldn’t respond. The idea of being watched while this moved forward made her crazy, and one glance assured her that both men wanted it. As if in query, Seth moved the back of his hand down the front of her skirt, making fleeting contact with the mound of her pussy through the fabric. It was tantalising and tempting and delicious.

From the corner of her eye, she saw Adrian move in his armchair. “Who knew this would be a chance for you to live out some of those things you confessed in the chat room?”

Embarrassment quickly multiplied inside her, her own words coming back to haunt her—words that she had typed to him in their private chat room when she was high on the rush from anonymous confession and the heavy arousal that followed. “Adrian. You’ve had too much to drink,” she blurted.

“Loosed my tongue, hmm, that what you think? Hey, don’t fight it, gorgeous. Right now you look like every bloke’s wet dream come true, and I for one am loving the view.”

She squirmed and rolled her head on the cushions, the back of her wrist against her forehead. Seth eased her skirt up around her hips and cupped the mound of her pussy through her knickers.

“You said you wanted this,” Adrian added, concern had edged into his tone.

“I did, but I didn’t mean like this,” she said, and the words came out in a sudden rush that betrayed her state of arousal.

“It’s making you hot though, this way? With the two of us here,” Seth asked.

“Of course it is,” she blurted, incredulous. She sighed ruefully. Her body was lost to the moment, her body on fire at Seth’s touches, her mind recalling all the things she had said to Adrian and his comments egging her on to display her sexuality.

Seth smiled and ran one hand over her breasts, making her moan. “We could stop this, but you seem to be enjoying it.”

No, she didn’t want to stop, but the words wouldn’t form.

Her hips rocked up against his hand, and that was enough...

Go here to purchase the book.

Go here to read another (longer) excerpt.


Madelynne Ellis said...

Congrats on the release. It sounds wonderful.

Saskia Walker said...

Thank you!