Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Boy, it suddenly got very busy around here...

So yesterday I posted what I had to get done in the next few weeks, and last night AAs (Author Alteration pages) arrived for RAMPANT. This is my proofing stage, and it’s my last chance to make any changes to the manuscript. I’m excited to be at this stage but it’s going to be a busy time. Eeek! I’m okay, I can cope. In fact it’s a good thing because it forces me to be more organised with my time.

To do:
Short story to finish (around 4,000 words to go) by 15th
Edits and proofs for INESCAPABLE (57k) publishing 23rd
AAs for RAMPANT (100K) to be returned by 25th
Outline for serial story to be delivered by end of the month (i.e. plotting)

I’m fine. No really. Lol! I’d expected this to happen at some point and mentally I was as prepared as I could be. It’s always been the same for me, nothing for months and then a pile up.

Meanwhile, the subject matter of my serial story was pinned down yesterday and everyone involved is happy and agreed. It’s going to feature Annabel McGraw, a key secondary character from RAMPANT, which means it will be a historical set in Scotland. Yay! You can see how Annabel fits into RAMPANT in the cover copy, here. I’m very pleased indeed and look forward to the writing in December.

So what am I doing chatting when I should be... oh, I don’t know, finishing off that short story, for starters...gulp.

See you later!


Portia Da Costa said...

Just breathe... you can dooo eeeet!

Typical, though, isn't it? Publishing [and life] always turns out this way. Everything happens at once!

But you'll be okay!

Saskia Walker said...

Thanks, pal! Im thinking.. baby steps, baby steps...If I can wave bye-bye to the short story in the next two days...I may not go completely loopy. :}

Susan Rix said...

Wow! No, I mean W-O-W!

I am so impressed with your disipline.

Go girl, you can, no, WILL do it!

One thing though, don't forget to look after *you* as well as all those characters!

Saskia Walker said...

You are so right, Sue. Thanks for reminding me of that.

Hugs and thank yous!