Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Catching up with me

First up, publication news! THE RIGHT MEN FOR THE JOB, a short erotic novella (long short story?) is scheduled for publication on October 12th at Total-E-Bound. Here's the low down:

They both want to service her every need…

Car mechanics, Deacon and Vico, have been lusting after sultry Astrid Jacobs who works in a nearby office. When Astrid walks into their workshop they've already got a friendly rivalry going on about who will be asking her out.

Astrid quickly loses her nerve about dealing with mechanics because these guys are so charming, gorgeous, and full-on. When they offer to drop her at her next appointment, she agrees. She needs a confidence boost, because she's on her way to her best friend's engagement party and her best friend is getting married to Astrid's ex. The confidence boost she needs is right here in Deacon and Vico.

After confessing her situation, the guys offer to come with her and show the ex what he's missing. It's the perfect excuse for the three of them to flirt outrageously. But the flirting doesn't stop at the party, and they are soon engaged in a torrid ménage a trois affair. Astrid is about to discover that if you need something doing properly, you get the right men for the job.

Reader Advisory: This book contains group sex and m/m interaction.

Go here for a short excerpt.

Or go here to find out what I’ve got coming up for readers between now and the end of the year!

So, where am I at otherwise? I’ve just completed edits on that one, and I’m expecting revisions and edits imminently, on at least (counts up in head…) oh, 3 or 4 other projects. Gulp! It’s all good. :-) These things just seem to come all at once, but I’m ready and raring to deal with them.

All being well, I’ll be starting work on THE HARLOT (my second Spice novel) next week, (slight delay there,) and in the meantime there’s a short story in the works that I’m enjoying immensely. I’ve also got a few things “out there” in submission land, hoping to be loved and published. Wish them luck!

I haven’t been around much here though, have I? That’s set to continue, as I’m away from the desk for a couple of days later this week. I’ve been scarce online because Real Life keeps throwing spanners in my works. I'm coping, but at times like this everything pares down to my lover, and my work. Mark is my top priority, always, as it should be. Being professional in my career is incredibly important to me too, (because I love my job and because I’m a tenacious sort, even though life conspires to thwart me at every turn!) so when times are challenging it's everything else outside my immediate circle that falls by the wayside. Social life? Housework? Conditioner? :o) The good news is the hero and I are hoping to take a whole two weeks off at the end of the year – gasp! – and have someone genuine rest/social/loved up time.

I’ll try to blog more regularly, even if they are just shorties.

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