Friday, February 06, 2009

Book news, and a bit of a catch up

Yes, I have been rather quiet, haven't I. We're deep in snow here, and I'm deeply immersed in two different plots (with a couple of others nagging in the background.) All of which makes me quiet, apparently. Or maybe I should say off line. Which is no bad thing. :) Also, I'm away from the desk for a few days next week, so I'm "making time," as Withnail would say.

In book news, GIRLS ON TOP is now available! Yay! This collection of erotica is edited by Violet Blue and published by Cleis Press, and includes a new story from me, "The Woman in his Room." I adore this book cover! Here's the book blurb:

Women on the verge of sexual awakening is the theme of this generous collection of explicit erotica for women. From wild sexual adventures, to pushing ones limits, to taking chances and having them pay off, the women in these stories release their inhibitions, succumbing to sexual pleasure in all its forms. Featuring work from Saskia Walker, Angela Caperton, Tamara Rogers, Nan Andrews, Noel Burch and many more, Girls on Top breaks all the rules.
Amazon UK

In other publication news, KINK is now available as an ebook, more yay! It's up at Fictionwise and it's also out as a Kindle book too.

DOUBLE DARE is also on Kindle so hopefully it will also appear on Fictionwise soon.

Following the changes at Juno Books, I've confirmed that rights are definitely reverting on my two Juno fantasy novels, THE STRANGELING and UNVEILING THE SORCERESS. This is what I was hoping for, because it means I will be able to write the sequel to UNVEILING THE SORCERESS! Even more yay! My writing schedule is full until much later in the year, but I'm hoping to be working on it ASAP and will no doubt be scribbling notes in the Unveiling notebook madly again, so for those readers who mailed me wanting more of Amshazar and Elishiba, there is hope! The books as they are will be disappearing from Fictionwise and online print sales points soon, though, so if you wanted to pick up either of my Juno titles, now is the time.

Keep warm!


claudio said...

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raine said...

Saskia, we've just got to find you something to do with your time. All this sitting around, being lazy, not!
Busy lady!

Emerald said...

Congratulations on all that news and also on the work you've been doing! How cool it seems to be to have been "deeply immersed" in plots. :)

Yay for you!