Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Moving up the gears into 2009

Well, I was very excited to greet 2009, but so far it has pretty much knocked me back, one way or the other. Never fear, I’m pulling myself up by the bootstraps and shoving my way up through the gears into full working mode. ;-}

In book news I'm pleased to announce that the recently published BRITS IN TIME anthology is now available on Fictionwise and it's discounted for the first few days. This one includes my short novella, BRAZEN BEHAVIOUR, a Victorian-set erotic romance.

DOUBLE DARE, my first Berkley novel, is now available as a Kindle book, and as a Mobipocket download.This is great news because it was previously only available in print! I hope it indicates that it will also pop up at Fictionwise and other online retailers, so that international ebook readers have the opportunity to pick it up.

In some positive possible future publication news, a short story of mine has been shortlisted for a prestigious anthology that I’m excited about. Very pleased to make it that far, and have my fingers crossed it makes the final hurdle!

I’ll post more about what I’m working on, once I get all the gears oiled and functioning at speed. I'm getting there. ;-)

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