Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My writerly progress, and another few 89c bargains!

Well now, I think I’m just about in the home straight with the WiP, RAMPANT. I’ve got a handful of scenes left to write, and I can see them all in my head. It’s just a matter of pressing on to the end of my first draft. Looking okay to reach that point by the 10th or 11th and then it’s all change for the big paper edit on the dining room table. :) Looking forward to that part!

Very quiet here otherwise. We were supposed to be partying in Edinburgh for a few days right now, but I’m still cast-bound so that has had to be postponed -- as did two gigs, and a much-anticipated American friend’s Yorkshire visit, alas. I’m pretty much stuck here with my PC until further notice, so thank heavens for the PC, ay! :}

In reading news, don’t forget that the Harlequin “afternoon delights” offer runs right through this week. Amongst the goodies on special today you can get the second part of my LOVING ON THE EDGE trio, STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT, for only 89c! If you’re in the UK and worried about using the site because it’s in dollars, don't. It’s very simple, it’s a secure credit card site and you just click a button to download the ebook to your PC.

Click on the banner to see today’s offers!

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