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Publication day!! HOT ON HER TAIL is out now!

Woohoo! The third part in my LOVING ON THE EDGE series is now available. You'll find the opening of the story below. :)

LOVING ON THE EDGE: book three
Hot on her Tail

It wasn't the knee-high black leather boots or the skintight leather hotpants that grabbed his attention, but the padlocked slave collar she was wearing around her neck. As she stepped out of the stolen vehicle he'd been chasing, Officer Colin O'Neil was thunderstruck by the alluring redhead in the provocative attire.

Upon further investigation, it soon became clear that despite appearances, Lara Miller was not some crazy car thief dressed like a bondage slave from a porn movie. She was, in fact, the victim in some underhanded maneuvering by her vindictive ex. Now it was up to Colin to help her out of this mess. But the electric attraction that blazed between them soon culminated in a night of explosive passion that would change Colin's life forever.

Here is the tantalizing conclusion to Saskia Walker's sizzling erotic series, Loving on the Edge, about the hard-working, hard-loving O'Neil brothers.


Once upon a time, there were three brothers — heroes, one and all. But these three men worked so hard they didn’t have the time to pin down the right woman. Until one steamy summer, when each of them met a crazy lady during the course of their duties — a crazy lady out of control...

Colin O’Neil had been in pursuit of the stolen vehicle for just a few moments when he decided it was a woman driver. Over the time he’d been in the police force he’d become pretty adept at spotting these things. It was something about the way she handled it — recklessly, but with panache — that gave him that impression. It was almost as if she were taking the air and enjoying the rolling country roads.

When he’d been alerted to the news that the stolen vehicle was on the way to his patch, he’d figured it was a bunch of teenagers out for a joyride. Definitely not.
It was a lone driver. Long auburn hair streamed up from the open-top car, and as he signaled her over he saw light reflecting off sunglasses in the rear view mirror.

Apparently she thought he was trying to pass her, because the car slowed down and hunkered against the high hedges on the side of the road. Col resisted the urge to stick his hand out of the window and point sarcastically at the rolling blue light on his car roof. Instead, he briefly hit the siren.

The stolen car jerked to one side and then quickly pulled over, ending up half on the road, half in a ditch. The driver hadn’t even bothered to signal while she pulled the maneuver.

Not expecting to be reported as yet, huh? This could be interesting. It was an expensive sports car, and he’d been told the owner was some London bigwig who’d kicked up a hell of a fuss with Scotland Yard over the theft. He pulled over in front of the parked car, but left the lights running to warn approaching vehicles.

The woman looked at him as he approached, the sunlight gleaming off her red hair as she moved. “Can I help you, officer?”

He paused at the front of the vehicle. “Step out of the car.”

She seemed confused by the request, but did as instructed, one booted foot poking out from the low-slung car rather gingerly, as she tried to get her balance in ridiculously high heels.

Col’s attention sharpened.

The boots went all the way up to her knees in shiny black leather, and they were covered in buckles and straps. When the rest of her emerged, Col just about managed to keep his expression impassive, hard though it was. The kinky boots were the least of it. With them she was wearing black leather hotpants and a matching black leather top, both decorated with slender looped chains. The hotpants were skintight and didn’t leave much to the imagination. They were cut high so that they rode up over the crease around the top of her thigh, her buttocks visible behind. Black stocking tops split the difference between boot and hotpants. Around her neck was a deep leather slave collar, padlocked at the front. Not your average attire, for a Sunday afternoon drive in the country.

Lifting off her expensive sunglasses and folding them in her hand, she smiled apologetically and gestured at her outfit. “I was at a fetish party last night. Is there a problem?”

He made a mental note that he needed to get a breath sample from her. Although she didn’t look drunk, you could never tell. “Do you have your driver license with you?”

“No, I…” She glanced into the car. “I left in rather a hurry.”

He followed her glance and then did a double take. A couple of the hand signals on the dashboard had been snapped off. Okay, that was unusual. She had some explaining to do. “Madam, this car has been reported stolen by the owner.”

The expression on her face altered radically. First she looked shocked, her pretty mouth opening as she gasped in disbelief. Then she glanced back at the car and a frown gathered between her eyebrows. “What a complete and utter bastard!”

Her vehemence seemed directed at the car.

This was turning out to be quite a soap opera, Col decided, and readied himself to take her name, retrieving his notepad from his pocket. Before he even got his pencil out, she teetered forward on her high heels and set about kicking the side of the car, while repeating a string of curses and character defamation.

Okay, he had a real nut job here. Col went for his cuffs, instead of the notepad.

Stepping behind her, he drew her hands behind her back, restraining her. She struggled and jerked in his grasp, resisting him.

“Hey, calm down, you’ll only hurt yourself.”

Her body went taut and she gave a muted cry when he thwarted her attempts to wound the vehicle. It seemed impossible to ignore the fact she had a fabulous body. Killer curves, and way too much beautiful pale skin on show.

“If you want to add willful damage to property, to your current charge of car theft, you’re going about it the right way. Now, would you like to give me your name, and explain why you’re driving a stolen vehicle?”

“I should have known,” she murmured to herself. “It was a trick.”

Then, after a moment, her head dropped back against his chest, and her shoulders began to shake. At first he thought she was crying, then you realize she was laughing.

She ended it on a sad sigh.

Most important to Col, she wasn’t fighting him. In fact her arms had gone beautifully supine within his grasp, and the way she leaned up against him was almost elegant. He could smell her perfume, and breathed deep. As he did, he caught himself spinning away from the moment, observing it as a passerby might see it. Himself, restraining her by the side of the road. Her, with her fetish outfit that made her look like a bondage sex slave from some porn movie, pinned up against him, her buttocks curved against the front of his thighs. It turned him on. The image morphed in his imagination and he saw her bent over the car, her hotpants down around her ankles. Her legs were splayed and he was slamming into her while she cried out in ecstasy, begging him for more.

The fact he had cuffs in his hand didn’t help. He’d helped his brother, Liam, pull a prank on his girlfriend with a fake arrest and a pair of handcuffs, just a couple of weeks before, and the memory came back to haunt him now.

She looked up at him over her shoulder, squinting in the sunlight.

He noticed then how soft she was, elegant but vulnerable.

“My name is Lara Miller.”

He drew her around to face him, keeping a hold of her with one hand at all times.

“My ex, the car is in his name, but I bought it for him. He said I could take it.” She shook her head. “We just split up. It was...well, nasty. He was angry, but then he seemed to accept it. I had to get away, and I should have known it was a trick when he said he didn’t want the car now. He’s a powerful man, and a very cruel man. He’s doing this to hurt me.”

There was a shadow in her eyes, and Col did not miss that. Maybe not so much of a nut job, after all?

“He’d do anything, to stop me leaving him,” she added.

Col studied her expression. He’d met some good liars in his time. People could muster all sorts of extravagant tales when they were caught in the wrong. But if he had to put money on it, he’d say she was innocent. He didn’t think she was lying. “Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. I’m going to have to take you in for questioning, so we can sort this out.”

She nodded. Her eyes were brown, dark brown. With the auburn hair it seemed an unusual combination. It made him wonder if the red hair was natural, or a dye job.

Glancing down at her tight hotpants, he wondered if he’d be able to tell from seeing her naked, or whether her pussy would be shaved. He ran a finger underneath his collar. She seemed to stimulate a lot of questions and images for him, a lot of inappropriate questions and images.

She frowned, softly. “Where am I?” Then she shook her head slightly. “I’m sorry. That sounds really bad, doesn’t it? I just wanted to get away from London. I just drove.” She shrugged.

“You’re just about to hit the Dorset coast.”

She nodded. Her beautiful long red hair lifted in the breeze, partly covering her face. He wanted to push it back, but resisted. Instead, he drew her hands together in front of her, and flipped open his handcuffs.

She looked away and then gave him a sidelong glance. It made him pause as he moved the cuffs into place. There was intelligent consideration in her eyes, despite her initial behavior over the arrest. It was as if something had leveled her. The handcuffs? Or was he thinking that because of what happened with his brother? Whatever it was, there was curiosity in her expression, too. Curiosity about him.

She lifted her hands, keeping the wrists close together, palms up. Her eyelids had lowered, but he could tell she was watching. The act of cuffing her was giving him a hard-on. This had never happened to him on the job before. It was the way she was dressed, he told himself. He reminded himself that people dressed kinky, but they weren’t necessarily heavily into the scene. He glanced down at the soft, pale skin on the inside of her forearms. He wanted to touch and kiss it.

Then he noticed that her breathing had grown more rapid. Her breasts were rising and falling as she waited for him to handcuff her. She was aroused. He could see the outline of her nipples pressing through the leather top. Her lips were parted and there was a flush of color on her cheekbones.

Col closed the cuffs over her wrists, listening to the sound of them clicking into place. A sigh escaped her lips. She lifted her gaze to look at him, and a mutual understanding passed between them in that moment, sealing their fate...

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