Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!


Portia Da Costa said...

Wahey, awesome piccie! Where was it taken?

raine said...

Oh for God's sake--OFFICIALLY embarrassed...
I thought you had stopped blogging!

Good to see you, Saskia, I'll be coming back, lol.
(Great picture).

Saskia Walker said...

Portia, so glad you liked it! I thought I'd dig it out this year. It was taken 3 or 4 years ago at my friend Rhona's wedding. On halloween :) Goths, eh :)) We all went in halloween attire, including the bride and groom - fun!

Raine, I did take a break for a while there and I'm afraid i'm never going to be the greatest blogger in the world. Great to see you, and so glad you enjoyed the piccie :)