Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Busy writing RAMPANT, and a lovely new review for RECKLESS

I've had my head down here, working hard on RAMPANT. I'm loving the way it's turning out, but it's currently going a bit slower than I'd like. The plan was to do a fast first draft by the end of October, (and that still might be possible,) but I found (as I usually do!) that I wanted to rework the text that was the partial. I had to go back before I could move on. That is now done, and I hope to resume the "fast draft" approach and not revise until I have a whole draft. We'll see if I can do it. :)

I got a lovely boost as I was working today, a new review for RECKLESS from Eye on Romance. It gave me a great deal of encouragement, for which I'm very grateful. Here's a snippet:

I appreciated Ms. Walker’s efforts to tell an erotic tale that had more than just sex to recommend it. This story is an intriguing tale of family secrets and the things people will do for money. Ms. Walker blends this suspense very well with the erotic scenes. These scenes are spaced out so that rather than becoming repetitious, they add to the story. This story could stand alone without the sex scenes, but they compliment the development of Katrina’s relationship to the men. I thought this book was well done and shows what good erotic romance should be. 9/10 Read full review.

I hope you all are having a good week!

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