Sunday, August 24, 2008

4.5 stars for RECKLESS from Manic Readers!

If you enjoy hot, hot, hot love scenes that cause you to tingle where it matters, then pick up this book. Ms. Walker delivers scorching sex scenes—including one which may take readers by surprise. This well-crafted story is what romance readers crave. They will relish Katrina’s evolution from conventional English woman to bold passionate female who falls deeply in love. And the man she chooses is simply irresistible. There are some nifty plot twists, plenty of action and enough luscious lip-locks to keep us lusty ladies happy. The only reason I didn’t give Reckless a higher score is because I knew what would happen from the beginning. But I’m an avid mystery fan and can usually guess whodunnit! MR Reviewer: Rockin' Robin (read full review here)

Woohoo! Nice to come back to such a postive review. In other news, I'll be drawing a winner for my ALONG FOR THE RIDE contest later today, so you still have a few hours to enter if you haven't already.

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