Saturday, July 05, 2008

Cover chat, and a day out with Portia Da Costa

I'm still squeeeeing over my author copies. I know! I promise I'll shut about it soon. :) I just wanted to post briefly about how different it looks to me in real life (a bit like I was saying about seeing art work "in the flesh" rather than reproductions, in my recent Klimt post.) There were a couple of things I hadn’t noticed on the jpg.

On the jpegs the cover had looked Mediterranean blue, but when I held a copy in my hand I was delighted to discover it also has a purple hue to it that's a bit gorgeous. (Says she, confessed purple addict.) Also, behind the title, I hadn't noticed quite what was going on where the guy is lifting the woman’s leg against his. Mark said he spotted this. I could say "men," tut, and roll my eyes, but in all honesty it’s me. I have limited vision in my right eye and my contrast is knacked. All of this means it was another delightful surprise for me when I opened the box and got a good look at the genuine article. Yes, I am like a kid in a sweet shop over stuff like this.

I'm giving another copy away later today, when I'll be guest blogging elsewhere. More on that when it goes live!

In other news, had a fab day out with Wendy/Portia yesterday. I had to stare at her boobies the whole time (simply had to) cos she was sporting Johnny Depp on her chest. We spent a good 3 hours discussing handbags, make up, knickers, and various other things that we feel quite at liberty to discuss in great detail at the mo, because we are now packing for the RWA conference. Yikes, three weeks on Tuesday we'll be on our way!!! And I've got... (glances at list).. SO much to do. Better get a shift on.


Portia Da Costa said...

LOL re. my tee shirt! I foolishly hadn't realise how much the luscious Mr Depp draws the eye.

I love the purple cast to the cover of Reckless. It's a stunning design, really sensual and appealing, with a real atmosphere to it. Couldn't resist and plunged into reading on the bus on the way home!

And the gorgeous cover compliments the delicious prose perfectly! I'm loving RECKLESS!

Portia Da Costa said...

and that would be 'realised'... I really must preview comments first! LOL

Saskia Walker said...

Oh, you'll get a lot of cuddles if you wear that Tshirt to the conference :))

So glad you're enjoying the read!