Monday, May 19, 2008

The Romance Studio review RECKLESS

I know it's very unsophisticated of me, but I'm squeeing over this review. :)

Katrina Hammond is tired of living life cautiously. She wants to experience life on the edge, recklessly. As if she summonded him into her office at the London auction house, in walks Sergio Teodoro, a dark, highly dominant and sexy man who has her totally at his mercy with a few sensual strokes of his hands and whispered words of heat and need. He has singled her out to travel to Spain to catalog his family's well-known, priceless art collection.

Surprises are in store for Katrina when she arrives in Spain. Enchanted by the beautiful town, on a beautiful evening full of fun and merriment, she meets the mesmerizing Nicolas, Sergio's disinherited younger brother. He sets her heart racing and her blood pounding even as she pushes him away. Tensions run high and the heat turns up as tempers flare between Nicolas and Sergio with Katrina in the middle. Things aren't what they seem at the Teodoro Villa. Secrets, missing items, copies of highly prized art, a highly volatile Sergio, an intense Nicolas, and whispers of right and wrong are confusing Katrina. She finds herself racing to unravel the secrets that have put her in danger.

Reckless is an erotic, suspenseful novel that leaves the reader on edge. The lush, descriptive detail moves the story at a nice even pace, with each question the reader might have neatly cleared up by the author. Each of the main characters are intensely believable and the secondary ones help to put the story lines into perspective. The dialog flowed, the emotions either intense or light and flirty as needed. Each love scene is charged with a sense of danger, tension, and erotic heat. With a climactic ending and a blossoming love, Ms. Walker leaves the reader clamoring for more Reckless. Shannon, for The Romance Studio

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