Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy, busy

After three days away from the work-in-progress I've been back at the desk today. Friday was spent having fun that was masquarading as business, ie another wonderful meet with author pal, Wendy/Portia. Besides our usual (often perplexed) discussion about the publishing industry, we spent a good bit of time talking about our trip to the RWA conference in July, comparing notes on what we intend to take and what we're hoping to get from the conference. Much laughter ensued! Make of that what you will.

Then the weekend disappeared away into nothing. Well, I got lots done but none of it writing. Today was a fresh start and I got stuck in by revising what I had on the two projects I'm working on. In just a few days the new “Sweating with Sven” writing challenge begins and I'm in my revving-up phase right now, really looking forward to the buzz of the group challenge. Today one project went up in word count, while one went down. Of course it was the important one, the one under the deadline, that went down. LOL. Overall it’s going well though. Oh, and I have a fun new review for my Total-E-Bound story, WINNER TAKES ALL, to share, which I’ll post shortly.

Meanwhile, go check out Total-E-Bound anthology BOUND BRITS, released today. The cover makes me think of a favourite early industrial band, WILL. They used the sound of chains in their music, and it's terrific, powerful stuff -- eerie and sexy all at once, yum.... I’m very grateful to the man who introduced me to WILL, and I always play them when I’m writing anything BDSM.

Hope you have a good week, wherever you are!


Portia Da Costa said...

I do so love our "business" meetings! We are so serious and professional and reserved... not! LOL

Saskia Walker said...

Me, too! :-)