Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blogs, like rabbits…

Anyone who has called around here from time to time will know that I sometimes struggle with blogging. :o) Hey, I’m not doing too badly right now! I admit I’m far from gifted in the blogging department. I’m not your prolific-on-a-daily-basis sort of a writer, and these books don't write themselves...know what I’m saying. The actual writing has to come first. ;-) And yes, I did throw the towel in on this blog at one point, but when people kept coming here the guilt got to me. Even if they are random hits, I’d like to think I’m a semi decent hostess and can provide at least some pretty book covers for visitors to look at, even if I am all worded-out at the end of the day due to actual plot wrangling.

So, I’ve got this blog, then there’s the Myspace blog (which seems to attract a whole different set of readers, judging from my subscribers, at any rate,) and there’s the Amazon connect blog. I already do three blogs. I also did a group blog with a bunch of Berkley authors at one stage. Too much.

Earlier this year I thought the blogging craze was slowing down a tad, but much to my surprise it stepped up again with great gusto recently – at least here in my own circles it did. Three of my publishers now have group blogs, (two run by the publishers themselves, one by a group of the authors,) and I’ve also been invited to a group blog celebrating an anthology kicking off in the New Year.

Hmmm. I think I'm close to hitting overload again (look out, c’ptain, she’s gonna blow!) but if you’re a blog hopping aficionado and want to check out these latest blogs, here are the links. You might even find a contest or two! ;-)


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ZaZa said...

Good lord, I don't know how you do it. Eeek. And I owe you a ms! On it. ;+)