Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New book cover

Wow, check out the new cover I just got from my editor at Total-E-Bound. I love it...

Like the other two ebooks I have with TEB, this cover was created by Anne Cain. She's got a real knack for capturing the flavour of a story in the cover image. Love her stuff!

So what is WINNER TAKES ALL? It's a short story, due out in November. Here's the blurb:

It started as a game, but they are both playing to win.

Tina meets Shaun at a gaming weekend, a monthly meeting of eccentric game players in a British manor house. Shaun is a loner, highly competitive, and devastatingly sexy. When he challenges Tina to a sexual relationship, she can't resist.

The atmosphere of competition extends into their more intimate moments, as they pursue a fiery affair. It starts as a game, but both players soon realise they have to play their way carefully, to win the real prize. In a relationship brimming with challenge and conflict, how will the players get their opponent to reveal their true hand?

I love this story, a reworked version of a much shorter idea I had a couple of years back. And yes, there are thigh-high PVC boots in it :-)

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