Monday, September 03, 2007

Fun with words

According to this new Amazon feature called "concordance" (new to me) these are 100 most common words in my novel DOUBLE DARE:

abby across again against another arms away bed between body breasts came chair cock come door down ed eyes face feel felt fingers gave get glanced go going good got hair hand hard head herself hips ing inside knew know legs let life lifted lips long look looked looking marcy might mind moment mouth moved nathan need nodded now oh open own place pulled put reached right room saw see sex shoulder side skin smile smiled something sound still stood suzanne table take thing think thought time tom took turned voice walked want wanted watched whispered woman work yes zac

LOL yeah, it's erotic. When I read through the list various scenes flashed through my head, somehow triggered by the possible location of the word. Fun! :-)I particularly like reading the last line here. ;-)

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