Saturday, June 16, 2007


As I posted a few days ago, UNVEILING THE SORCERESS has been delayed. The good news is it will be going to the printers in the next week and should be shipping early to mid July. Yay! If you’ve ordered a copy -- as many readers seem to have (thank you!!) -- apologies for the wait!

In other news, reviews are starting come in for SECRETS VOLUME 19 (due out in July) and I’m exceedingly happy with the responses to my paranormal novella, WHAT YOU WISH FOR. I’ve been nervous, because I tackled writing a time travel, a new challenge to me and a lot of fun, but something I didn’t know if I’d pulled off well enough. Here are some snippets from the reviewers:

"This is an eclectic mix of titles with plenty here to entertain all tastes. The heat and chemistry for all the couples is sexy and at time sweet and tender. All four authors provide fine short stories perfect for the quick read. The authors entertain while not making the reader feel as if they’ve been cheated by short word count. Ménage, time travel, historical and contemporary elements are all present." 4 stars. Kristi Ahlers for Romantic Times.

"Another sensual edition to the SECRETS line that brings together historical, contemporary and futuristic tales that ensnares the mind and turns up the heat....WHAT YOU WISH FOR is a time travel romance that will leave readers breathless in anticipation of what will happen next. Lucy is a real down to earth type of character and I liked her from the beginning of the story. Cullen is strong willed and you find yourself pulled into his indecision. He decides whether to keep his promise and fulfill his debt or stay with the woman he has come to love. Love scenes are chock full of heat and intensity you will need to be cooled off so make sure you have a fan nearby. Saskia Walker has done an excellent job of writing an adventure that draws the reader in." Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5. Angel Brewer for Romance Junkies.

"Red Sage Publishing’s Secrets Volumes have long been, to me, a defining presence in the romantica/hot and steamy genre. Always willing to take a chance on new and talented authors, the Secrets Anthologies have set a very high bar and continue to reach it time and time again. Their newest release SECRETS VOLUME 19 is a nice mix of paranormal genres: werewolves, science fiction, and magic. Kick back, relax and get ready for some well written hot stories!!!! …Time travel stories are hard enough to compile in a full length book. Trying to tell a tale in a short story takes guts and some special writing. Ms. Walker does a very credible job in WHAT YOU WISH FOR, building the characters and an interesting plot." Rating: 4 Sarah Silversmith for the Romance Readers Connection.

Wahay! And...phew. :)

Have a great weekend.

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