Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Surfacing briefly

Surfacing briefly to say hello and share my news. I've been kept super busy with the WiP since I last posted, and the book is going very well. I’ve got heaps to get through this week, but I'm really excited about the story and I'm enjoying the final stages of the writing.

It’s been good for me being off-line a lot more than usual. I unsubscribed from many of the lists I am on, and because I haven’t been blogging I've generally not felt as connected to the online life. It enabled me to immerse myself in the novel in the way I needed to. I have to confess that it’s done me the world of good! Hmm... A lesson learned there I think...

So, onto some super good news. Had a wonderful boost yesterday when I heard that my short story, WATCHING LOIS PERFORM, has been selected to appear in the next MAMMOTH BEST EROTICA collection. It's such an honour to have a story selected. I'm thrilled to be included!

WATCHING LOIS PERFORM appeared in the SLAVE TO LOVE anthology, edited by Alison Tyler. I loved the story, and I'm so glad it’s getting another outing in such a prestigous anthology. I believe the collection is scheduled for early in 2008, and fellow writers Jeremy Edwards and Shanna Germain have also had work selected to appear in the edition.

A couple of quick reminders. If you've read THE STRANGELING, please enter my cover art contest. The contest deadline was extended, but we'll be drawing winners at the end of this week. Details HERE.

Also, if you haven't read my ebook ALONG FOR THE RIDE, and want to, it's only going to be available online until the 31st. Click HERE to check it out.

Right now, back to the WiP. Hope you all are doing well out there! Thanks for visiting.


Larissa Ione said...

Congratulations, Saskia! That's awesome!!!!

Portia Da Costa said...

Way to go, mate! Congratulations on the story and on the great progress on your WIP...

I often think that I should take a holiday from the internet in order to connect more securely with my writing... I've gone no mail on a few lists, but I don't think I can go complete cold turkey. I'm too addicted to online life... :)

Saskia Walker said...

Larissa, thank you! It's given me a much needed boost ;)

Thank you, Wendy! The end of the book is bekconing to me now. :)

Ah, well now...I didn't go cold turkey, just stripped a few layers off ;) But it helped. In fact I finally did some long-overdue web updates because my mind was freed up a tad ;)