Thursday, May 03, 2007

Get it while it's hot!

ALONG FOR THE RIDE will only be available as an ebook download from Loose Id until the end of this month.

When Georgina Montgomery gets involved with the Austrian artist Calvin Rolf and his Fleet Street photographer sidekick, Jason Sutherland, she signs herself up for more escapades than she ever could have imagined. Georgie soon discovers that being involved with two gorgeous men is a heady intoxicant and she quickly casts all her inhibitions aside. She's in her element, but their idyll of sexual adventuring in London is interrupted when a paparazzi scandal threatens to be unleashed around them.

They hit the road and when Georgie comes along for the ride she finds herself going further than she ever has before. None of them thought they'd go as far as falling in love, but they do, and who are they each falling for? When the paparazzi hunt results in Georgie's kidnap, danger ups the emotional stakes for everybody involved and territorial claims of the heart are about to be made!

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Along for the Ride by Saskia Walker is a delectable exercise in sensual and romantic discovery...Their ménage is terribly hot (in that amazingly awesome way) and beautifully sweet as they each struggle along their separate paths to discovering and accepting love. Ms. Walker has done an outstanding job of creating a sizzling story, with lots of bone-meltingly scorching sex, that still grabs one by the heart and causes one to go all soft inside with romantic notions. The best part is that Ms. Walker has that rare talent of sucking the reader completely into her world and keeping her bound to the pages. I found myself trying to rush for the end and at the same time savor every moment. This is one of those unique books that has me shoving my friends to the store to buy it; because there is not any chance I am letting even my most trusted friends any where near my copy . . . and they just must read this one! 5 stars. -- Keely Skillman, EcataRomance Reviews


Anonymous said...

You are cranking!
I have never known a person to crank out so many books in short spurts of time as you do Saskia.

What talent that takes!!! You are awesome.


Saskia Walker said...

Ha, I wish! :) No, this is an old one, it's been out a couple of years. It's just reaching the end of its contract so I'm posting it in case anyone still wants to buy it before it comes down.

Alison Tyler said...

Love the cover!
Congratulations you naughty lady, you...