Sunday, February 11, 2007

Big Cats

Does anyone else remember Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion, and the Daktari TV series?

Hmm maybe that should read: is anyone else old enough…? LOL I loved it, especially the "special effects" when we got to see what Clarence was seeing. I even have a cross-eyed lion in my collection of cuddly toy lions (erm, yes, there’s something I haven’t confessed to here before.) Hadn't thought of Clarence in years, but was made to think of him this last week when I noticed our cat, Big Cat, is getting a tad long-sighted in her old age.

Big Cat is somewhere between 15 and 17. We’re not quite sure because we adopted her 6 years ago when her owners went overseas, and at the time they said she was between 9 and 11. She’s doing very well for her age, aside from cranky hipbones (can’t jump very high) and lack of fangs (can't chew very much.) Her eyesight has always been good, and she can still see things very sharply in the distance, but up close she does a fair impression of Clarence the cross-eyed lion trying to focus, before snagging her target. :) Bless her. Here’s a snap of her boldly proclaiming where she wants to sit, shortly after the new leather sofas arrived last year. For the first three months after the sofas arrived, Big Cat dominated the 2 seater sofa, while Mark and I were banished to the 3 seater.

At the moment, she’s sleeping in her current favourite spot, the underside of the bathmat… as well as leather, she has a thing for rubber and flips it over at will, Fetish Kitty that she is.


Portia Da Costa said...

Aw, she's gorgeous! But like you say, she does look a little bit fierce in that piccie... sort of... 'I'm sitting here already... don't even think about trying to move me!' LOL

Saskia Walker said...

Oh yes, if you look at her admiringly she'll assume you want her "throne." LOL It's a different story altogether if wants to sit ON one of US, as you might imagine ;)