Friday, December 01, 2006


Hi honeys, I'm home! We had a superb break, in fact it was so good that it went by in a flash.

I came back to a stuffed mailbox, and a wonderful surprise! Take a look at this mock up cover for my second Juno Books fantasy novel, UNVEILING THE SORCERESS. The artist is Timothy Lantz, and his image is SO perfect for the story, I'm so thrilled! I feel privileged to have his art represent my story.

Click HERE to view Timothy Lantz's full version of this cover art.
Click HERE to read an excerpt from the novel.


Shanna said...

Wow, that's just gorgeous!

Congrats :) s.

Saskia Walker said...

I love it to bits, Shanna. Keep staring at it ;) I'm just tweaking the book now and I've made sure the jewels appear. :)

Alison Tyler said...

Oh, my god, Saskia.
That's just beautiful! I'd blow it up into poster-size and hang it in my bedroom. :)
You must be beside yourself...
:) Alison

Saskia Walker said...

Alison, Isn't it just! I can't praise Timothy Lantz's work enough. He does prints, so I'm going to get a couple and run a contest for readers to win them here on the blog and elsewhere. And one will go over my desk to make me smile ;)