Friday, November 17, 2006

On romance

My guess is a lot of people will be linking to this, Tor editor Anna Genoese's latest juicy post on her LJ. Anna's forthright posts on publishing are a goldmine of info. You can find her "demystifying publishing" index HERE. I loved what she had to say about romance in this latest post. I think I'll have to pin it up on my offfice wall. Check it out, here's a snippet:

Romance readers are not idiots. The biggest difference between romance novels and every other genre is that romance novels have--always!--focused on relationships between characters. Sure, there's hot sex and crazy plots involved, but the main story one is always telling in a romance is about the relationships, and the complexity of emotions that humans face on a day to day basis. Sure, sometimes the window dressing of a romance novel is just as complex as the relationships, but unlike with the majority of other genres, a complex bit of window dressing or a complex plot does not and should not take away from the complexity of the emotions and relationships.

If a romance novel does not have complex and mature emotions and relationships, the romance reader will not be satisfied.


Wendy Wootton said...

Well, on the basis of that extract, hear hear!!!

To my mind, a romantic novel of any flavour has at least to pay *some* respect to the classic romantic structure and its emotional conventions and sensibilities - no matter how many kinky sex scenes or shapeshifting vampire hunters or whatever you put in it!

Off to read the full thing now... and I really must remember to blogroll her too!



Jordan Summers said...

She's absolutely right. I'm still trying to learn this lesson.