Thursday, November 09, 2006

New publication: Sex and Shopping (Wicked Words)

SEX AND SHOPPING (WICKED WORDS) is now out and about, and shipping from Alas, this Black Lace anthology won't be available to US readers until December, but I will post a reminder when it's shipping over the pond.

This anthology features "Getting Good Designer Outlet" by moi. I'm very pleased to feature in this collection, amongst so many big name Black Lace erotica writers. My story is about a couple who shop for a different kind of fun, the peepshow the husband gets watching his wife trying clothes on in a public place. Here's a naughty teaser from the middle of the story:

There was only one changing room, with a sort of stagey area outside filled with mirrors, presumably for checking the outfit. The changing area itself was a lot more spacious than the department store or any of the other places we'd been. There was a fancy dining chair with a stuffed velvet seat, and more mirrors. I pulled the curtain across to about three-quarters, and noticed that Will was reflected in the angled mirrors outside. Smiling and humming along with the music, I hung the hanger bearing the scarf-dress from the hook on the wall, and relaxed into my surroundings, more at ease now I was alone.

I could feel the heat of Will’s stare and ran my hands over my body, revelling in the way it made me feel – powerfully feminine and deviant, all at once. I’d worn stockings, suspenders and high heels, and I shimmied my skirt down, kicking it aside, moving my hips to the music. Swaying in front of the mirror, I glanced out and saw Will’s smile. He would be getting hard now; he told me he did, when I moved that way, doing my secret performance for him.

I stuck my tits out and ran my hands over them, before moving down to peel off the skimpy top I was wearing. I looked at myself in the mirror. The heels, stockings and suspenders, skimpy knickers and bra – all black – made a powerful image. I took a moment to enjoy it, before checking on Will. He was watching closely. I turned away to drop my top next to my skirt.

‘Please, let me help.’

I nearly jumped out of my skin. It was the blonde assistant. Had we been caught?

‘It’s okay, I can manage.’ I reached for the coat hanger, making a show of fiddling with the dress. She pushed the curtain open and stepped in to the cubicle behind me, leaving the curtain wide open. I glanced at Will. He was leaning forward, his elbows pressing on his knees. The smile was gone; his expression was guarded.

‘Don’t worry, just go with the flow.’ Her voice was close against me as she stepped behind me, her breath warm on the back of my neck. I was about to question what she meant, when it struck me. She knew. She knew what we were up to, but she was playing into it. Oh fuck. Heat raced over me.

Her hands on my bra strap left me in no doubt as to what was coming next. She was going to undress me; the curtain was open. She was only getting involved. I swallowed, could I deal with this? Then I felt her shift against me. She shimmied up and down against my back in time with the music, and then snapped the hook on my bra. My core melted in response to her sure touch on me, my knees going weak. Glancing at the mirror, I saw her naughty eyes peeping over my shoulder.

‘You don’t mind me helping you undress, for him, do you?’

For him. My eyes flashed shut for moment. I couldn’t have been more self aware, more on the spot. And yet I didn't want her to stop, because I was on fire for more of it. I shook my head. ‘How did you know?’ I breathed.

‘I saw you last week, when you were over the way, with the stuck-up hag in the shop opposite. I pretty much guessed then, but when you came in and I saw the way you responded to each other, I knew it for sure. You’re very sexy together.’

‘I see,’ I said. But what was she up to? ‘And you’re not going to chuck us out?’

‘Are you kidding? I get paid really well to work Saturdays here, but I'm bored out of my mind. This was just the sort of distraction I needed.’ She chuckled softly. ‘Tell me, does he ever put on a show for you?’

I could barely answer because she’d slipped her hands round to the front of my loose bra and eased them under it, cupping my breasts inside the bra as it fell away down my arms. She moved her hands on me, massaging my breasts. Darts of pleasures shot through me. I stared at the mirror. The image of her hands cupping my bare breasts from behind mesmerised me. ‘I don’t understand what you mean.’

Her fingers moved to my nipples. My heart was thudding, my sex clenching and unclenching with needy arousal. She rubbed my nipples roughly and then pulled on them, making them long and hard. I swayed, rammed my hands up against the wall either of the mirror to keep myself standing up. Glancing sideways I caught sight of the expression on Will’s face. His mouth was open as he watched, his eyes positively glazed. I bit my lip, arousal soaring through me. Oh yes, this was the hottest it had ever been.


raine said...

I think I like that game. ;-)

Terra said...

Oh no fair woman I am in the states and I can't get this till December. Tease! hehehe I love your and I know from this little bit I will love the anthology as well, take care

Terra said...

writing geez I can't type this morning still working on first cup of coffee

Saskia Walker said...

Raine, Glad you enjoyed the teaser (grin!)Thank you so much, Terra! Your comment made my day.