Monday, September 18, 2006


I had a major breakthrough with my current WiP this weekend. Which – conversely – means the word count has gone down. LOL It happens. As I learn more I know when to get my axe out. I’d been struggling with a big scene, a major turning point. I knew how the scene would look and what would happen, but the words wouldn’t roll for some reason. It was resisting me, so I wrote around it, which wasn't the right thing to do on this occasion. Then late on Saturday when I had closed everything up, it came to me, words tumbling out, demanding to be put down. On went the laptop, and an hour later I’d drafted the scene. Yesterday I worked on it some more and decided that everything that came after had to go, so I’m back to the halfway point with my novel, but much happier and ready to move on now. I'd hoped to complete this book in September, but I'll need October too. It's the most complex thing I've written to date, so it's not surprising. Always something new to experience, being a writer, and that's part of what I love about it.

Then late last night, while having a surf, I noticed that Barnes and Noble is shipping DOUBLE DARE in 2-3 days GULP! It’s first novel is almost out.

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