Friday, September 15, 2006

The things we go through to communicate with the world

As of this afternoon I have an Amazon connect profile. For anyone who doesn't know, this is so that authors can post messages on the amazon site for their readers. What an absolute palaver the process is! I still have to get my novels verified as mine, so the messages appear where they are supposed to, but I’d got all the way through the rest of the process and then tried to hook up with my author pals, only to find the system told me I had to buy something before I could make friends. Not suprisingly, manic laughter followed. Like...buying friends? I knew there had to be a catch. And because I’d started a new account for this, I didn’t have any purchases registered. If I order something from Amazon it doesn’t come through Amazon UK, so I have to pay shipping from America for books I can get here. Madness! I'll buckle, but right now I'm playing the grump with it. Luckily my good pal Wendy came to my rescue and befriended me. She'd already been through the whole damn palaver herself.

Next up I’ll be getting myself a MySpace profile to network out there, but that might have to wait a while because writing seems to be sinking to the bottom of the pile of things to be done around here, and it’s not supposed to be that way. Right now, though, I’m off to watch THE CORPSE BRIDE and drink this large glass of cider with my name on it. Have a great weekend!


Jordan Summers said...

I have to set up a few things soon, too. :-/ Watching Corpse Bride sounds like more fun. :D

Celia Kyle said...

Ooooh! Look at you all sexy and serious in your profile pic!!! Love it! Amazon's a business, sadly they don't realize that providing that type of access without strings would probably boost their sales. Who wouldn't want to buy a book after reading posts and whatnot from the author?


wendywoo said...

Yes, it is a palaver at Amazon Connect, isn't it?

And hey, here's a twist in the tail... the Marketplace item I ordered that allowed me to 'befriend' was a documentary on video about BDSM and power exchange, called 'Tops & Bottoms' not available over here in the UK. It arrived this morning and they've sent me a workout tape by the same name, for toning your upper and lower body!

Re. MySpace... well, I joined, and I kept getting unpleasant porn invites and messages and various spam via it, so I cancelled again.

Saskia Walker said...

Jordan ~ it was. :) These things are so time consuming!

Celia ~ Glad you like the pic! It's actually my camera shoved on top of my PC monitor, on timer, with a book wedged under it LOL I was trying to use up a film and get a shot of myself in work mode. Alas the keyboard didn't make it in, but the preoccupied writer look did :) As for Amazon, I have a US account, that's the daft part. I set it up to send a prize winner a book direct, but I foolishly started a new account. (slaps head, duh.) Never mind. I should've known.

Wendy ~ oh no! That's too funny! I'd be fuming with them for the c*ck up, but at the same time can't imagine trying to explain to customer services. LOL