Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sales, and rejections

Over the past few weeks, I’ve sold 5 short stories. It's been a very busy summer! I’ll post more details and lots of sexy covers soon. In the same period of time, I’ve had 3 short stories rejected. Let me just point out that I always expect rejects; every time I get an acceptance it’s a wonderful surprise to me. I wouldn’t normally even post about this subject, except that it highlights something rather peculiar about me…

The 5 sales have been to US editors/publishers. The 3 rejects have been from UK editors/publishers. Now, it’s interesting, because it seems to be a trend with me. So why do I fit better into the US market? I’m not sure, tbh. I can only guess it’s because of my upbringing. Although I’m British, I grew up all over the world, and lived a lot of places where American culture was the dominant one. Maybe that’s part of it. I also spent several teenage summers in the States, with relatives, at an age when I was absorbing trends and ideas like a sponge.

I feel like I have a good idea what is "universal" in appeal, because I've lived in different countries, and I'm a people watcher. When I was younger (and more pretentious LOL) I used to call myself a citizen of the world. It’s oddly true, though. Not many places ever felt like home to me, until I put my roots down where I am now.

Anyway, I’m very happy indeed to be published in the States, and it’s not that I always expect sales, far from it. But I do feel kind of odd that I can’t get it right in my own country. LOL


Celia Kyle said...

Well, I for one am thrilled that at least the publishers in the US have realized your worth. Yay on the 5 acceptances!!!!


Saskia Walker said...

Cheers, Celia! :)