Sunday, July 09, 2006

Good question

Yesterday new blog visitor, Ischelle, posted a question in the comments section, so I thought I'd answer it here in case it's useful info for anyone else.
Do you ever post any of your stories?

Thanks so much for your interest, Ischelle. I do post short excerpts from books and stories as they are published, and occasional bites of work in progress, to give readers an idea, but mostly I keep it all on my website. The reason is because I want my blog to be a place anyone can drop by and get to know what the life of a full time writer is like, to get to know me a little, keep my pals and family in touch with what I’m up to, let readers know when my publications are out and (above all) to have a bit of fun. I want all ages to be able to access it, this is an open document. What I write is explicit adult fiction so I wouldn’t want to put whole stories out here. I’ve got short stories and chunks of my published and forthcoming work over at my site, but there is a warning about content on the front page in case anyone clicks through and doesn’t realise it’s adult material (don't want anyone keeling over in shock cos of me ;-) so that’s how I manage it. Occasionally I link to other explicit pages and sites, and I add a warning then too. It's just my way, a lot of erotic writers do post work on their blogs as well.

I see you are a wordsmith yourself, Ischelle! I enjoyed the piece you have on your blog. I've never been able to work like that myself, can never handle the words that tightly, kudos! If you want to see what I do click here or on the website link in the right hand column. The drop down menu on my site links to some free reads, and both the novels and novellas page have excerpts you can click through to read. Thanks again for your interest and the question, and keep up the writing!

In other news, today we shot out to the moors to blow away the cobwebs and it did me the world of good. Back to work with fresh eyes tomorrow. Hope you’re all having a super weekend.

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Bailey Stewart said...

I think you have the right idea - I could just see some gray-haired old lady coming across the more explicit stuff *gg*