Saturday, July 08, 2006

Crazy life of a writer

I finally caught up on my JUNE schedule this past week, completing two outstanding short stories I wanted to get done. That means I'm only a week behind now. Not bad, considering it was looking insurmountable at one point. I'm getting there. Crazy life of a writer, the middle of the week I had this whole novel drop into my head one morning, quite unexpectedly and when I wasn't even thinking about writerly things. When this happens, I have to stop everything and get it down. Fast. LOL I got a short synopsis/road plan done that day and it's with my lovely agent now to see what she thinks of its potential -- fingers crossed! I'm already in love with the story and itching to get it into the schedule, the characters were immediately alive and fully formed for me, names, quirks, voice, the lot. It's a contemporary erotic romance with a paranormal twist, set in a veritable facsimile of a village we have stayed in, on the East coast of Scotland.

All in all it was a hectic week, with various appointments sucking time out, and I have another busy one coming up, but I’m just pleased to be functioning on all writing cylinders again and carving through the deadlines. Next up, shuffling the July and August schedules. I am rubbing my hands in glee! Hope you’re all having a great weekend!


[Ischelle] said...

Just a random comment, I am new.

Do you ever post any of your stories?

Jordan Summers said...

Glad you're getting on top of things, Saskia. Here's hoping this coming week goes smoothly. :)

wendywoo said...

Yikes, I feel awed... Monthly schedules? I just shamble from pillar to post, hoping that I'll meet my deadlines in time and keeping my mental fingers crossed.

Congrats on that drop in novel idea too... It must be incredible when that happens. My own ideas form slowly, with bits and pieces gradually coming together and making some sort of whole.

Saskia Walker said...

Welcome, ischelle. Thanks for calling by. I've answered your question on a new blog post.

Cheers, Jordan! And you.

Wendy ~ ha, I have to have lists and plans to keep me focused or I'll go off the rails. Luckily I started out with a wall chart and made my own short term deadlines, even when I wasn't being published. I felt it was good to get into the routine (even though, as you know, with me it doesn't always work out ;-) I'd love to know what I'm doing a year in advance, but I don't seem to be able to get that kind of's the way of the publishing world and the writer's thorn, nuff said. ;-) It's not often a whole novel-length forms that fast for me, but it is truly wonderful when it does!