Thursday, June 22, 2006

New fantasy novel sale!

Great news, Juno books have commissioned a second novel from me! I’m very pleased to announce that UNVEILING THE SORCERESS, an exotic fantasy romance, will be published by Juno in April 2007. UNVEILING is very special to me, a book I was working on a couple of years ago that has been calling to me to finish it, ever since. To work on a second project with Paula Guran is a real treat, too. I’m learning heaps, and the lady is a lot of fun! For a taster of UNVEILING click HERE. Click HERE for Juno guidelines.

Juno publishes fantasy featuring strong female characters in richly-imagined contexts with romantic or erotic elements. Otherworldly romance, an adventurous quest, dark secrets, light humor, deep desires, high imagination, mystery, metaphysics, magic, myth...swept into the past, set in the future, or happening right now. Stories that go beyond the ordinary and take the reader with them.

In other news, our week in the X files has finally come to an end. Electricity and phone services stabilised, and today we had our cable box replaced. What a relief. It was driving me mad having an intermittent service, although the evening by candlelight was memorable, and not just for the football commentary.


Jordan Summers said...

Man, girl, you are on a roll. Congratulations!!! :D

Bailey Stewart said...

Congratulations Saskia! That's wonderful. :D

Sam said...

Fantastic news for you, Saskia. You deserve it! Sam x

Saskia Walker said...

Thanks, ladies. I appreciate that!