Sunday, June 18, 2006


One happy author here!

This is the daring debut of a cutting-edge voice in contemporary erotic fiction. Her short stories have seduced readers in more than 30 international anthologies. This, her first novel, is twice as hot.

She is Abby Douglas, an investment advisor who has enticed many men. No commitments, no regrets, no games. Then she meets a dangerously sexy stranger in the elevator of her office building - and suddenly she's submitting to the kind of raw fantasies no respectable businesswoman should ever consider. He is club owner Zac Bordino, stunned to find such a receptive partner between floors. But Abby's also the brains behind his company's investments, and she doesn't even know it. Now Zac isn't sure what to tell Abby first - his growing feelings for her, or their secret connection. Either way, from London to Paris, it's business and pleasure for the both of them.


Madelynne said...

Very nice! I'd certainly pick it up. It's striking.

Saskia Walker said...

Thanks, Madelynne. :)

Sasha White said...

Whoo hooo! Hot stuff!

It looks great. I can;t wait to get one inmy hands!

Jordan Summers said...

Hot cover. I so want her waist line. *ggg*

Saskia Walker said...

LOL Jordan, you and me both on the waistline.

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your comments. It's lovely to know other people like it too. The cover works well for my heroine's walk on the wild side ;-) Berkley got her hair right, and the hero buys her a corset like this for a fetish party in Paris.